Recently, SCG Packaging hosted the event “Green Mart,” bringing green products from communities surrounding the SCG plants and the Green Marketing Network, the company’s alliance, to jointly campaign for, and raise, environmental awareness to society. At over ten green booths, innovations to add value to the products were showcased, which came with special prices, organic properties, and high safety. In addition, packaging innovations that respond to consumers’ daily lives from SCG Packaging were displayed, for example, Fest, which is safe packaging made from bagasse and 100% pure wood pulp (wood pulp from a new kind of eucalyptus, which has short roots and is planted without topsoil damage). This event aimed to inspire people to care about their health and upgrade their living, as well as support communities in a sustainable manner. The Green Mart activity was one part of the SCG Innovative Exposition 2015, which will last until the end of November.

“Green Mart is part of  SCG’s CSR brand ‘We are Greeners’, which aims to inspire consumers to change their behavior and to be ready to cope with what will happen in the future, such as issues pertaining to cleanliness of food and packaging, more diseases, and global warming. In addition, this aims to increase distribution channels for green products from communities located in proximity to SCG plants. The buyers feel content with buying products from local communities, and the sellers are happy and encouraged to further make green products. When green product sellers see each other, this will result in their sharing and development,” said Mr. AobboonYamsirikul, Corporate Communications Manager, SCG Packaging Public Company Limited.

Lamiad Shop, a Thai spa serving flowers of salt – sparklingly-white salt crystals floating on the surface of water on salt farms in Ban Laem district, Phetchaburi province, one of the community shops participating in Green Mart, said, “Apart from a natural origin of a product, packaging must be a focus. If it is not biodegradable, it must be recyclable. The generation of waste must be minimized for society. Plastic and foam must be minimized.”

SCG Package has never ceased to seek solutions beyond limitations to make you, people around you, and the world go around together in secure and sustainable manners, by focusing on applying the customer-centered concept and serving as a packaging solutions provider or partner that will jointly develop innovations and value to customers and end-users. We have extended our focus on the customers of our customers in order to serve as “the solutions beyond limitations,” with dedication to the design of packaging structures and appearance that come with variety and respond to usage in all lifestyles. The solutions include the concepts of care, convenience, and sustainability. For more information, please contact or

Although Green Mart has ended, you all can be exposed to the ultimate creative innovations for sustainable quality of life at the event “SCG Innovative Exposition 2015” throughout November at SCG Experience (along the Ekamai-Ramindra Expressway) from Sunday to Thursday, 10.00-19.00 and Friday to Saturday, 10.00-21.00. For more details, please call 0-2586-2222 or visit In the ‘Convenience Store’ zone, you will see packaging innovations that are solutions to consumers’ daily lives from SCG Package. They include Peel & Clear Lid Film, which is clear film for food packaging that is easy to open, without sticking, tearing, film or vapor, through which food inside can be seen, and which can retain the freshness and flavor of food longer. Another solution is Eazysteam, which is packaging that can ventilate when heated in a microwave oven, which helps prevent contamination. Cutting or punching holes in it before heating is not needed.