Bangkok: 29th October 2015 – SCG caters its latest innovations, SCG Eldercare Solution, to serve a better lifestyle and increased safety to senior citizens and society. In the SCG Innovative Exposition 2015, the company is to showcase its brand new arrays of products and services that will suit expanded needs of families of the future.

Mr. Kan Trakulhoon, President and CEO of SCG, says that Thailand is growing into an Aged Society with the demography of those over 60 years old to rise to 20 percent of the total population by the year 2024. With deteriorated physicality, senior people will need extra care and services to maintain their healthy lifestyle and prevent them from potential in-house accidents. To help solving this problem, SCG has collaborated with many experts to launch “SCG Eldercare Solution” for families with senior members. This new line of solution encompasses the entire housing solutions – from decoration to placement and installation of the suitable products for appropriate usages. For example, Automatic Night Light, Shock Absorption Floor, and Stepless Floor, allowing them to live happily with the rest of the family.

SCG’s Eldercare Solution will be a highlight at SCG Innovative Exposition 2015. Moreover, the exposition emphasizes SCG’s mission to offer Innovation that Cares to be showcased in the following magnificent technologies:

Packaging innovations for better living by SCG Packaging are features safer and easier-to-use packaging. For example, the Microwavable Microflute Packaging for Food Contact that can be directly and safely reheated in a microwave to make the lifestyle easier. This new packaging is strong, light, easy to hold, and biodegradable.  Also, there are Peel & Clear Lid Film – the anti-fog cling film used in packing food – that is easier to handle without tearing and the Self-Venting Packaging or Eazysteam that can be put right into the microwave oven without needing the usual punch or cut, meeting lifestyle of customers who enjoy take-away and also care for the food and packaging’s cleanliness.

Living innovations from SCG Cement – Building Materials with the competency to meet customers’ trends that rapidly change nowadays show the Living Trend 2016/2017 as a highlight. The trend was developed by SCG’s researchers, marketers, and designers that meet many different lifestyles, leading to the development of products and services responding each expectation in the future. There will also be a showcase of 3D Printing, the technology for 3D construction plan that can serve better the demands of intricate architectural designs and reduce labor shortage problems. This innovation is also eco-friendly, consisting of recycle aggregate that can help reduce using natural resources. Moreover, the exposition also showcase The Nest, the futuristic Home design for a sustainable living conditions with the solar power and the Active Airflow System to create better living conditions for every family members.

Innovative Medical Materials for better living from SCG Chemicals are developed with care to support all life events even sickness. Medical-grade plastic becomes one of optional choices for medical devices with benefits of more convenience and more hygiene for both medical. For example, the innovative, polymer splint, Poly-Cast is designed to be adjusted to patients’ body, leading to patient to feel comfortable but still get treatment effectiveness. The outer part is made from special polymer compound to protect and immobilize injured arm. Above 60 degree Celsius, Polymer’s flexible property makes for easier moulding, to suit patients’ injuries.  The inner part made from elastomer, covered with special fabric to comfort skin. The odorless antimicrobial Poly-Cast is designed to be porous, airy and ventilated, making patients feel more comfortable without the irritation, throughout the treatment period. Also highlights include the plastic surgery equipment; Carpal Tunnel Retractor (CTR), MiniSure Kit, for carpal tunnel syndrome designed for easier operation and less recovery time, and the Melamine Tableware for Elderly which is ergonomically to optimize the physique and physical conditions of senior.

Experience the latest SCG innovations for better living at the ‘SCG Innovative Exposition 2015’ which will take place throughout the month of November at SCG Experience. Sundays – Thursdays from 10.00-19.00 and Fridays – Saturdays from 10.00-20.00. For more information, call T: 02-586-2222 or